Our Baby Hedgehogs

When Our kids were young, we kept pet African pygmy hedgehogs.  Their Grandmama, my mother-in-law, was born and grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland.  She would entertain us with stories of the hedgehogs in her garden, so when we discovered a smaller cousin of these hedgehogs were available for pets, we had to have one.  Since they were small and have a typical life span of less than five years, they were good candidates to teach the kids about the miracle of birth.  This page is a favorite of visitors to our website, so we have kept it up long afer our little friends have crossed the rainbow bridge.

On July 12, 2000, our hedgeghogs, Thistle and Frodo Baggins, became proud parents of four babies.  Here are their one-week baby pix.  This is the first time we got to hold them.  Their eyes and ears are not open yet, but their noses obviously work just fine.  They do know how to squeak and they sound like baby birds!

Don't their little faces remind you of the German Mecki character?  When they are grown up, their faces are furry, not wrinkly like Mecki.  I wonder if the creator of Mecki used a baby hedgie for a model?


See how talented they are.  Only one week old and they can annoint already!  But they are not quite ready to roll into a ball.
Twelve Days Old

They have mastered rolling tightly into balls!  Good thing, too, because the little one decided to take a flying leap out of my hand just now and landed safe and sound in a little ball, cushioned by its spines, just like nature intended it to do!

  They have fine, almost invisible whiskers.  As you can see, they look more white than pink now since their velvety fur is starting to grow in.  Their masks are more defined now, too and you can get a better idea of what their markings will be like.  It will still be a couple of days before they start to open their eyes, though.

Two Weeks Old - An Eye-Opening Experience

The babies now have their eyes open and their fur is in.  They are developing their personalities - one is very friendly, one more adventurous, one grumpy...


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