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About Needle Felting

Needle felting is accomplished by placing loose carded wool fibers on a protective foam pad and poking and coaxing the fibers with a sharp barbed needle until they lock and form a mass that you can sculpt into a three dimensional figure. Each wool fiber has tiny scales. The barbs on the needle catch the fibers and help the scales to interlock.

Peggy's needle felted Santas are built on a wire armature so they are poseable. This means that she felts firmly enough for the piece to hold its shape and withstand handling, but less firmly in the bendable parts to allow movement.

Their costumes are built on and also needle felted. Some parts such as the skirts of their coats are actually felted into a fabric and then applied. Their eyes are tiny beads or glass eyes and their faces are enhanced by hand-coloring.

Even with practice, it takes hours of work to produce a detailed wool sculpture.

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