The Pleasant Ridge Christmas Collection

Needle-Felted Santas and Bears

By Award Winning Artist Peggy Fleming

A few years ago, I discovered the ancient craft of needle felting and began to apply it to soft sculpture. The technique lent itself well to my tiny creations. I was thrilled to find it wasn't necessary to work under magnification as I do when sewing my miniature mohair bears and animals!

I was always fascinated by a little Santa Claus ornament that hung on our Christmas tree at Pleasant Ridge Farm. He was made of cotton batting with a face molded from clay or composition. He belonged to my father and my mother said we couldn't play with him. Every year his red suit faded until it was the color of tomato soup. I remember the scent of our fresh cut Christmas tree as I tenderly hung him from a branch every year. He was the inspiration for the Santas you see here.

Last Updated 01/28/2018

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